Unclogging Your Outside Drain

Unclogging Your Outside Drain

While not every home has an outside drain, most modern homes do, and one can be added if your home is missing one. You should know that a blocked or clogged outside drain can cause catastrophe for any homeowner, though, so proper maintenance and due vigilance is key. 


Your outside drain may be connected to not only your in-home fixtures, but runoff from roof drains, area drains, and more may also be connected. That means that leaves, dirt, and even particularly heavy rainstorms may overload and ultimately cause clogging issues to this drain. 


Unclog  Your Drain Stays Cleared

Not every backup or clog requires specialty tools or a professional to clear out. So if you’re feeling particularly handy or you know it’s just a simple clog, you can take care of the issue yourself. 


Each outside area drain should have a grate with it that helps to filter out leaves and large bits of debris. The grate itself should be easy to clean as a result, since you can just wipe away or otherwise remove the debris. 


Some smaller leaves, compact dirt, and bits of debris may still make it passed that grate, though. They will accumulate in the sump of the drain and will result in a clog. If you find that the sump is clogged, you can use a small shovel or gloved hands to remove the blockage. 


Remember that some drains can be multi-directional, which means you may need to clean out the basin in every possible direction of the drain. Keep in mind that routine or regular maintenance and cleaning will keep the drain line clean and able to run properly. 


Drain Stubborn Blockages

In cases where blockages are too stubborn to remove by hand or with simple tools, you may need to use more advanced equipment or consult a professional. Some examples of the more powerful equipment include:


Rubber Drain Bladders or Blow Bags: The rubber drain bladder, most commonly referred to as the blow bag, can be attached to the end of your hose. The bag itself will fill with water and expands to tightly fit within the drainage pipe. This helps to keep water from backing up into your system, and instead forces the pressurized water toward the clog, forcing it free. 


Drain Machines: Drain machines are often used for particularly tough clogs. Professionals may use these if they’re called about a blockage in your drain or septic system. 


Drain machines use an attached specialty blade at the end of the snake hose. This makes it so that it can cut through any debris or blockages in your pipes, including any tree roots that may have grown into the pipes. 


After using the drain machine, there may be additional, but smaller, bits of debris in your drain line. Flush the pipe with a garden hose to clear out any remaining debris. 


Hydro-Jet: The final option is the hydro-jet. The hydro-jet takes advantage of high pressure water, and you may want to leave this option to a professional’s use. It uses the pressurized water to clear out debris and dirt that may be coating the inner lining of the pipe. There are a variety of nozzle options for a hydro-jet, and it will get rid of most clogging issues. 

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