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Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Extreme Weather

Unpredictable weather can cause damage to your roof and home if you don’t maintain your property on a regular basis. For instance, heavy rains can weigh down weakly attached gutter systems and spill water over your siding, landscaping and foundation, causing more extensive damage. The harsh conditions during a strong windstorm or tropical storm can also have a significant impact on your home if it doesn’t have the necessary layers of protection.

Prepare Your Home Against Extreme Weather

To ensure your home is adequately protected against extreme weather, here are a few simple things you should do regularly.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Working

Your gutter system is designed to divert water away from your home, keeping your basement, siding, roofing and other components safe from moisture-related damage. If your gutters are clogged or leaking, rainwater or snowmelt can run over your exterior and end up pooling on your lawn or flooding the basement. Make sure your gutters are regularly cleaned to prevent debris buildup and clogging. 

Remove Standing Rainwater 

If you have low-slope roofing, rainwater might not drain easily, causing pooling on your roof. Regularly clean and inspect your roof so that debris won’t accumulate on the surface and block the flow of water. Additionally, make sure your gutters are properly functioning so that water runoff from your roof will flow through the gutters and drain at an appropriate distance from your home.

Properly Maintain Your Siding

Your siding offers crucial protection against moisture and wind, so you have to keep it in good condition. If you notice holes, cracks or rot, call a trusted contractor immediately. Have them inspect your siding so that the cause of the damage can be identified and addressed. Consider installing gutter covers to protect your gutter system from dirt and debris. Gutter guards will prevent debris buildup in your gutter system, helping you avoid gutter clogging and leaks, which could damage your siding.

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Healthy Gutters, Happy Foundation

Gutters are great. It’s a fact that you likely know, but it’s good to reiterate the very special purpose of gutters. They are perched up on the roof, so it seems like they wouldn’t have much of an impact on the lower half of your home or business, but they serve as your foundation’s primary line of defense against the elements. Keeping your gutters healthy and ready to face precipitation, wind…


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How to Care for Your Lawn This Spring

Winter can wreak havoc on your lawn with extreme temperatures and harsh weather. Fortunately, you can bring your lawn back to life during spring and keep it in good shape for the coming months. In this post, gutter cover expert Gutter Helmet lists a few things you can do to keep your lawn beautiful and lush. 

Lawn This Spring

Debris Removal

Clear away leaves, dead plants and other debris that has accumulated on your lawn over the winter to prepare the soil bed for testing. You can use leaf blowers in moderate settings to remove leaves and twigs from the soil bed. Alternatively, rakes and brooms are effective solutions to clear away twigs, scattered weeds and debris.

Soil Testing

A soil test is a way to determine the chemical composition of your soil and see if it has the right nutrients. A soil scientist can use a chemical extraction process to accurately determine your soil’s nutrient content. After the analysis, the professional will recommend soil amendments, fertilizers and additional steps needed to repair your lawn’s soil. Excessive lawn moisture due to gutter leaks could be a problem, so make sure to address the issue and install a new gutter guard system if needed.


After winter, fertilizing your lawn helps restore its green color and keep it healthy. The best time to fertilize your lawn is in the early spring after all traces of frost are gone. Doing so helps the soil take in nutrients and keep your lawn green. Fertilizing your lawn every few weeks will keep it healthy and green throughout summer and autumn.

Preventative Weed Killers

Weeds and crabgrass ruin lawns by competing with grass for light, water and nutrients. Their excessive growth also makes them an ideal home for grass-eating pests. Pre-emergent herbicides or weed killers will prevent the growth of weeds and crabgrass on your lawn.

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