Don’t DIY Your Gutters: Five Reasons to Hire Us Instead

Don’t DIY Your Gutters: Five Reasons to Hire Us Instead

Part of being a gutter contractor in Oklahoma City is fixing DIY gutter nightmares. Homeowners make the unfortunate assumption that installing gutters is easy and fail to consider the subtleties that help them work properly. Unless you are a qualified gutter installer, our best advice is, “Don’t install your own gutters!” Here are five reasons to hire a reputable contractor for this job:

  • Correct gutter shape: Gutters are never one size fits all. All homes are unique, and the system that works well for your neighbor may fail miserably on your house. Gutter profiles include half-round, K-style and fascia, and your choice depends on your home design. Half-round is the most common, but some homes do better with K-style. Rather than hope you guess correctly, consult with a contractor who asks the right questions and explains why a system is a good match for your roof.
  • Building codes: The city code contains requirements for gutters, including materials and water diversion. When you assume all gutters are equal, you may create a gutter system that does not stand up to code. Also, materials allowed for commercial buildings may not be permitted on your residence. Choices for gutter materials are vast, and it can be challenging to determine which one complies with your local ordinances. A contractor already has this knowledge and will only present the options allowed on your home.
  • Determine the right gutter size: DIY-enthusiast homeowners frequently choose the wrong gutter size. Gutters that are too small fail to divert enough precipitation off your roof, and you eventually suffer water damage. Larger gutters are difficult to maintain, and a waste of money. Contractors regularly determine the gutter size for clients with their knowledge of local weather and a home’s conditions. The wrong guess leads to expensive repairs, so you are more likely to secure a functional gutter system by hiring a contractor.
  • Securing the correct slope: Gutters cannot function fully without a slope. The gutters’ angle helps rainwater flow toward the downspouts. If the angle is sharp, water flushes the downspouts and flows over. If it’s too low, water pools in the gutters and grows pockets of mildew and mold. These pockets also attract pests and accumulate debris, which can eventually bring down gutters. Contractors spend years perfecting the science of gutter installation and giving gutters correct slopes.
  • Water damage: Downspouts also require the correct slope and appropriate distance from your home. Otherwise, water accumulates too close to your foundation. When that occurs, you sustain water damage to your foundation and landscaping—plants die from being flooded, and your basement gains puddles and the mold and mildew that love them. Contractors install downspouts so they send water eight to 10 feet away from your foundation. Also, the correct downspouts make ecological practices like rainwater collection easier.

Don’t install your own gutters—hire us instead! L & S Seamless Guttering promises that it costs more to fix DIY gutter nightmares than to engage us in the first place. If your home in Oklahoma City requires new gutters or gutter repair, call us today to schedule an estimate.

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