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Best Gutter Cleaning Tools List 2019

The Best Gutter Cleaning Tools In 2019

Gutter Cleaning Tools

The importance of gutter cleaning should not be overlooked. By cleaning your gutters a few times a year, you can prevent clogging and serious home damages such as basement flooding, foundation damage, and landscape erosion. Fortunately, there are a variety of gutter cleaning tools on the market that can make this daunting home improvement task a bit easier. Some of these gutter cleaning tools include:

Gutter Cleaner Vacuum Attachments

Vacuum attachments are common gutter cleaning tools. You can add them to a Shop-Vac or leaf blower and watch them blow debris out of your gutters. Unfortunately, vacuum attachments are not able to handle heavy debris and are only effective at cleaning leaves and other tree-related debris.

Rotary Gutter Cleaning Systems

Rotary gutter cleaning systems have increased in popularity in recent years. They are equipped with rotating brushes that can swipe leaves, pine needles, and other types of debris. It is important to note that rotary gutter cleaning systems are expensive.

Gutter Cleaning Tongs

Heavy debris are difficult to remove from gutters. The good news is that gutter cleaning tongs may be able to get the job done. They feature a rope that is attached to a metal pole. If you have a two-story home, rest assured that the metal pole can be extended.

Gutter Flushers

Gutter flushers use water to wash away debris. They usually contain an extendable metal pole, which can be attached to a garden hose. In the event you opt for a gutter flusher to clean your gutters, you can expect for it to shoot out water at fast speeds and cause a mess.

Forget About Gutter Cleaning Tools and Invest in Gutter Guards

While gutter cleaning tools seem like a wise investment, they are not always effective and require your precious time and energy. Rather than depending on gutter cleaning tools to clean your gutters, consider high-quality gutter guards like LeafFilter.

LeafFilter micro-mesh gutters are comprised of surgical grade stainless steel, which never rusts or corrodes. They are completely sealed to protect your gutter from all types of debris. Once LeafFilter is installed over your existing gutters, you’ll never have to worry about gutter cleaning again. Want to know how much gutter prices are?

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At LeafGutterGuards, we are pleased to sell LeafFilter, the highest-quality micro-mesh gutter guards on the market, to homeowners across the United States. Request a free estimate today and leave your clogged gutter worries behind you.

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How to Clean Gutters Without a Ladder

Gutter cleaning is a dangerous home improvement task that involves climbing up a ladder. Unfortunately, ladder falls are a common occurrence and can lead to serious injuries such as fractures, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and neck injuries. In the most severe cases, falling off a ladder can take someone’s life.

If you would like to keep your gutters free of leaves, pine needles, and other debris without engaging in the risky act of climbing a ladder, know that you can clean your gutters without a ladder. Read on to learn how. How much do gutters cost?

Gutter Vacuum

A gutter vacuum attachment is specifically designed to vacuum debris out of gutters. If you have a Shop-Vac or leaf blower, you can attach the gutter vacuum to the end of it. Gutter vacuum attachments curl over the edge of a gutter and suck the debris into a vacuum bag. Unfortunately, this technique does not effectively remove all types of debris.

Gutter Flusher

With a gutter flusher, you can wash away the debris in your gutters. It is an attachment that typically comes with an extension pole. While a gutter flusher may work, it is a messy way to clean your gutters. If you choose this gutter cleaning method, expect for water and debris to fly everywhere.

Cleaner Robots

Believe it or not, there are several robots on the market that claim to clean your gutters for you. They are controlled by remotes and feature a holster and belt as well as their own storage. Although robots may be effective, they are incredibly costly.

Gutter Cleaning Applicator

To clean your gutters, a gutter cleaning applicator needs to be attached to a painter’s pole that extends. The painter pole is not usually included with the applicator and must be bought separately. If you invest in a gutter cleaning applicator, keep in mind that it can be tough to see if you are removing all of the debris out of your gutters.

Clean Gutter Guards

Gutter guards can protect your gutters from debris and completely eliminate the need to clean your gutters. Once gutter guards are placed on top of your gutters, they can properly divert rainwater away from your home and keep it free from debris that can lead to expensive home damages. Here are the best gutter cleaning tools.

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At LeafGutterGuards, we are pleased to sell LeafFilter, the highest-quality micro-mesh gutter guards on the market, to homeowners across the United States. Request a free estimate today and stay off your ladder for good.

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