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What You Need to Know About Aluminum Gutters

When it comes to choosing which material is best for your new gutter system, you may realize there a many different options. These options include vinyl, steel, copper, wood, and aluminum. Aluminum gutters are a great way to complement your home and are very popular. They are not only very flexible and reliable, but they also have many different benefits. Aluminum gutters hold more water…


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The Qualities of a Good Gutter Installer

Your gutters are an essential part of your roof. Therefore, gutter repairs and replacement should only be entrusted to capable installers. Here are the qualities you should look for in a gutter installer.

gutter contractors


Ask your prospective installers for a copy of their insurance certificates. Coverage may vary between insurance providers and contractors; however, there are two types of coverage that should be clearly indicated in the certificate. One is general liability insurance, which provides coverage for accidental property damage. The other is workers’ compensation, which provides coverage for worksite injuries.

Good Reputation

Make it a point to do your research on a gutter installer’s reputation before you make your choice. Look up customer feedback on social media channels and reputable channels like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A reputable contractor should have no problems providing at least three references. Take the time to call them and ask questions related to the contractor’s quality of work. Also, ask about whether the contractors adhered to the schedule, how they treated the clients’ property and how the contractor communicated with their clients.


Ideal gutter installers should be transparent throughout the process. During a consultation, they should be able to discuss installation costs and present a breakdown of all the costs that will be involved in the project, from the type of gutter hangers to labor costs.

Payment Schedule

A legitimate contractor will never ask for the full payment upfront. A standard payment schedule begins with a down payment when you sign the contract, then a few installments after events like material delivery and a final payment after project completion.

Quality Products

A good gutter contractor should offer quality products. Your home deserves gutters that will last you years down the line. Quality gutter systems also tend to have better warranties. Look for coverage that includes workmanship in addition to factory warranties.

Protect your gutters with Gutter Helmet®. Call Gutter Helmet of Piedmont at (844) 204-1015. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve customers in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding communities.

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4 Common Home Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Winter is almost here, but it’s not too late to do some home maintenance in preparation for the season. So, make sure you get home maintenance done right with this list of common mistakes to avoid.

Home maintenance mistakes

1. Not Switching to Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Bulbs 
The days are shorter during winter, which means you’ll need to switch your lights on earlier. If you still have old-fashioned incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, you can end up with higher energy bills. Switching to LED bulbs is a great investment. They may cost more than regular light bulbs, but their significantly longer lifespans and lower energy consumption make them a great investment.

2. Using Your Pressure Washer on Everything 
Pressure washers are great for cleaning layers of dirt on driveways or old paint from wood surfaces. However, it’s not a catch-all solution, and many homeowners make the mistake of using it – often at full force – on surfaces where it can cause damage. One of the things you should watch out for is damaging the outer coating on composite or fiber cement siding as it could void your warranty coverage.

3. Not Cleaning Your Gutters 
Gutters are ideally cleaned twice a year: before winter and before summer. Clean gutters during winter are not susceptible to the stress placed by freezing water in the gutters, which helps improve their service life and long-term performance. Consider investing in a gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet®: it eliminates the need to clean your gutters by preventing leaves, twigs and other solid matter from entering your gutters.

4. Applying New Caulk Over Old Caulk 
Replacing old caulk on windows can help reduce air leaks, which can help lower your heating bills. Many people make the mistake of just applying new caulk over the old layer. This would trap dirt underneath, and the finished installation often looks unappealing. Before you break out the caulk gun, make sure that the work surfaces are cleaned. Use a razor blade to cut away the old caulk, wash the area with a grease-removing cleaner, and dry the area properly before applying new caulk.

Gutter Helmet of Piedmont is your leading provider of the best gutter systems in the area. Give us a call at (844) 204-1015. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. We serve customers in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding communities.

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Should You Salt Your Gutters?

Some homeowners swear by salting their gutters, saying it’s an easy way to break up ice dams in the winter. Other people will tell you that the salt causes unfavorable side effects. Here, we weigh the pros and cons.

The Pros of Salting

During the winter, some people use salt in their gutters to prevent the formation of ice dams. One of the best ways to do this is to pour rock salt into large socks or sections of pantyhose, then secure the open ends with twine. Space the socks a few feet apart inside the gutter trough so the ice melt clears the ice, just as it does on sidewalks, driveways and other flat surfaces. The melted ice will then run easily through your gutter system, and ice dams will dissolve and allow water runoff from your roof to enter your gutters.

The Cons of Salting

Opponents of gutter salting point to the damage that salt can do. Even regular rock salt has the potential to change the color of your shingles or adversely affect roofing materials. In addition, salt can be corrosive enough to damage aluminum gutters, metal flashings and downspouts. Finally, the salt can mix with the water that drains out of gutters and downspouts – which can then weaken or kill plants, grasses, shrubs and flowers. These harmful effects can be magnified if you use calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and other chemicals instead of regular rock salt.

What Should You Do?

In the end, it’s really your decision as to whether or not your gutters should be salted. Factors to consider include:

  • The severity of ice damming on your home.
  • The amount of plants or grasses next to your house.
  • The type of metal used in your guttering and flashing.

Another alternative is to consider more permanent solutions to gutter clogs and ice damming such as a gutter system with Gutter Helmet® and Helmet Heat® installed. To find out more about these innovative products from a dealer in your area, please call us at (800) 824-3772. You can also check out the gutter cover reviews on our website.

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What to Know Before You Build That Patio Cover

Spending time outdoors is always an enjoyable activity, but the coronavirus pandemic has made it even more important than ever. Research has indicated that the chances of transmission go down considerably if you’re outside, so many people are looking at how they can better activate their outdoor entertaining areas.

For this reason, the benefits of patio covers in Oklahoma City are becoming more apparent to a lot of people. By adding this simple piece, you can easily create a more versatile and usable entertaining space in your yard. Here are a few things you should know before starting this project.

What will it look like?

A patio cover, as the name suggests, is any structure that’s placed on top of a patio to offer shade and protection from the weather. While this can bring to mind a massive piece that might be an eyesore, nothing could be further from the truth. There are countless design options for you to choose from, so you can rest assured there’s a piece that will look great at your home.

Their size varies, but the general rule of thumb with patio covers is that form will follow function. Deciding what you want your cover to accomplish will help determine how big it needs to be. Keep in mind that patio covers also help to stop snow and high winds in Oklahoma City, so they could conceivably give you year-round use of the patio if you’re the hardy type!

What are some styles of patio covers?

Patio covers come in all different types, so everyone can easily find one they’ll like. Some patio covers have a slender support structure, so their silhouette is sleek and stylish. You can also get covers with louvered roofs, which means you can adjust the shade and the airflow depending on the weather conditions. This also makes it weatherproof—when these louvered pieces are shut, they are completely tight against water dripping down on people and furniture underneath.

There are also louvered pergolas, which are at the top of the line thanks to their multitude of options and luxury settings. They offer bonuses like heating, glass walls and even LED lighting that can give your patio a modern and inimitable look. The benefits of these patio covers in Oklahoma City mean you can offer your guests a great outdoor entertaining experience in any type of weather.

How resistant are they to weather?

When you’re trying to learn everything you need to know about patio covers in Oklahoma City, it’s important to consider the weather. After all, what works well in Arizona might not be a great fit here. There are easy ways for your vendor to help you figure out how resistant to the weather your cover will be, and how well it will stand up to wind and precipitation.

L & S Seamless Guttering can help you discuss the many additional benefits of patio covers in Oklahoma City, and you can rest assured we’ll offer you the highest level of service and professionalism every time. If you’re in the market for anything from a patio cover to seamless gutters, contact us today for your free consultation.

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How to Choose the Best Gutter Installer

Choosing the best company to install your gutters should be a top priority for you. You do not want to risk hiring a company that is lackadaisical and does not have a good reputation just to save time and money. When you take the time to find the right installer who works with high-quality material and is an expert in the field, you will save yourself from future frustration and costly repairs.


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Top 3 Benefits Of Gutter Guards

One of the best and easiest investments you can make in your home is to install an efficient and functional gutter system that is designed specifically to divert water away from your home’s foundation.

House Gable Gutters, which attach to the roofline of your home, are usually made of aluminum, stainless steel, or vinyl and are the key component in catching the excess rainwater and other moisture that collects on your roof. Water must be able to get into the gutter so that it can be properly diverted to downspouts and then away from your home.

As every homeowner knows, keeping your gutters clear of debris is one of the most challenging maintenance tasks. Not only do you have to perch precariously on a ladder, but you also have to scoop out the goop and other things that have been collected in the gutters.

The good news is that you can add the benefits of a gutter system to change the maintenance equation and keep you off those ladders for good! The K-Guard Gutter System requires zero maintenance after installation.

This means that you can rest assured that all unwanted water is being moved effectively away from your home without the worry and muss-and-fuss of climbing to your roof a couple of times a year to clean them out!

Give us a call today to have an expert technician assess your home’s gutter system and show you how the K-Guard Gutter System is right for you. One of our experts will come out and give you a demonstration of how our gutter system will help keep your home safe.

What are the top three benefits of having gutter guards?

Gutter guards, like the K-Guard Gutter System, are specifically designed to keep organic litter and debris from getting into the gutters from the start. If they aren’t in the gutters, there’s no way they can then flow into your downspouts to cause clogs.

Save Time and Money
The first key benefit of installing gutter guards on your home is that they will save you time and money. By preventing debris from collecting in your gutters and clogging up the works, they ensure that the damage caused by water overflows is prevented.

They also eliminate the need for routine maintenance. This not only saves you time but helps keep you safe. Imagine not having to climb the ladder to your roof a couple of times a year to keep the gutters clean! You’ll see significant savings in not only repair and maintenance costs, but also in the time you’ll save by not having to worry about your gutters.

Protect Your Home
Second, gutter guards help to protect your home from several dangers, including mice and insect infestations, rust and corrosion, and even fire.

Since there is less stagnant water sitting in your gutters, as well as no debris that is inviting for mice nests, installing gutter guards will provide an extra layer of protection against unwanted pest infestation. Along the same lines, by keeping wet and soggy leaves out of your gutters, you have a far less chance of rust, corrosion, and rot occurring on your roof.

By keeping your gutters clear of debris, you also protect against fire along your roofline. Without tinder that can ignite in your gutters, you can rest assured that your gutter guards are adding a layer of protection to your home.

Gutter Guards Prevent Damage from Ice
Finally, gutter guards protect against and help alleviate the danger of ice dams and freezing water. When rainwater gets trapped in gutters as a result of blockages and clogs, the frost and freezing temperatures of winter will create ice dams. Ice dams not only block your gutters, preventing fresh rainwater from flowing freely, they also can expand and cause damage to your gutter and roof.

Gutter guards can help to prevent the accumulation of debris, which eliminates the possibility of ice dams. By making sure that rainwater is diverted away from the home, you won’t have to worry about the rot and damage that could be caused by freezing water and ice dams.

What do I need to do to have gutter guards installed on my home?

The expert technicians that install K-Guard Gutter Systems are here to help! Give us a call, and we’ll come out, provide a free assessment, and recommend how the K-Guard Gutter System can be easily and cost-effectively installed on your home.

While there a several different gutter systems out there in the market, we know that once you’ve seen K-Guard gutters in action you’ll know why we are the market leaders. We stand behind our products with a 100% guarantee. Plus, if there is ever a need for repair, we’ll come out and take care of it at no charge.

You’ve worked hard to keep your property safe and increase its value. Installing a gutter system is one of the best investments you can make!

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5 Common Locations for Ice Dams on a Roof

In those regions of the country that are subject to significant amounts of snowfall and extended periods of freezing temperatures, many homes are damaged by a phenomenon known as ice damming. An ice dam is a ridge of ice that prevents snowmelt from draining off the roof. Ice dams occur when heat from a home’s interior rises to the roof deck and melts the snow above it. That melting snow then flows down to the lower portion of the roof, which is colder, and refreezes. This forms a dam that causes any additional snowmelt to back up behind the ice dam.

If left unchecked, this dammed water can then leak under the shingles and into the house, causing damage to ceilings, walls, floors, insulation and more – just when conditions outside are the worst for repairs. In most areas, ice dams occur from late December through late February.

Where Ice Dams Form

There are certain areas of the roof that are more prone to ice damming than others. Escaping heat is the root cause of ice dams, so you won’t find them over unheated areas such as garages and porches.

  • Eaves. At least 80% of ice dams form along the eaves of a roof due to the cycle discussed above. On roofs with a low pitch, even an ice dam of one to two inches can cause significant leaks and interior damage.
  • Valleys. Valleys are also subject to ice dam formation, including the valley area of dormers.
  • Skylights. Ice dams can occur both above and below skylights. Ice dams above skylights can be difficult to see from the ground.
  • Near openings. Openings such as vents and pipes (where heat escapes from below) are subject to ice dams.
  • Interior rooms. Interior rooms with vaulted ceilings that allow heat to concentrate near the ceiling can suffer from large ice dams. Bathrooms are often the worst.

How to Stop Ice Damming

A simple solution to counter the formation of ice dams is to install Helmet Heat® on your Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system. Helmet Heat gutter heating systems automatically warm up when the weather outside turns cold, so ice dams never have a chance to form along eaves and in gutters. When installed by a professional, Helmet Heat can prevent severe damage to your home caused by ice dams. Learn more about this innovative gutter heating system as well as the best gutter guard by giving us a call at (800) 824-3772.

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Ways Power Washing Can Help Your Home for the Winter in Warner Robins GA

Before winter rolls around, there are several things around your home that you should do to avoid problems in spring. You’ll also want to do most of the cleaning during fall to avoid having to do it in harsh temperatures.

There are several benefits of pressure washing your home in Warner Robins for the winter if you are a Warner Robins resident.

1. Cleans Your Home’s Exterior

The last thing you want to do in winter is expose yourself to water, so it’s best to walk around your house in fall and inspect all areas to make sure that it’s clean. Don’t be surprised to find mold, moss, and algae in several parts of your home exterior.

Doing a power wash before winter is going to protect your home’s siding during the cold months and will make it easier for you to clean in warmer conditions if anything happens to build up during the winter. Having a clean home exterior is also going to make it easier for you to set up your Christmas decorations and keep them clean.

2. Rids Your Gutters of Leaves

Repairing your gutter or having to replace it is not an easy job, nor is it cheap, but it might be necessary if you don’t clean it before winter. A power wash is going to potentially save you hundreds of dollars if you clean the leaves from your gutters before cold temperatures set in.

Leaving leaves and debris in your gutter during winter could form a block of ice. The additional weight could clog and even sag your gutter, resulting in repairs or replacements. Avoid turning a small problem into a big one by getting a professional to give your gutters the good power wash they deserve.

3. Winterizes Patios and Decks

Winterizing has become a popular term to describe taking the necessary precautions that ensure the maintenance of your home and furniture before winter sets in. With a power wash, you’ll ensure that you’re winterizing your patio and deck, which have served you well during the warmer months.

To carry on enjoying your patio and deck, you should power wash it before winter to avoid the accumulation of mildew, moss, and molds. Power washing is an effective way to get rid of accumulated dirt, and it helps to restore the original look of your patio and deck.

4. Protects Your Driveway

The cleaner your driveway, the safer it is. That’s especially true during winter, when snow and ice settle and cover your driveway.

The worst part is that the water that melts from snow and ice can seep below the concrete of the driveway and freeze. This could lead to cracks and foundational issues, so it’s best to avoid that mess by getting a power wash company to clean your driveway.

Power washing in Warner Robins has several benefits other than keeping your home looking pristine. It can save you a lot of money. Get in touch with us and let us help you today.

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Home Pressure Washing Projects to Complete Before Winter in Warner Robins

The winters in Warner Robins aren’t exactly hospitable to outdoor activities, so it’s best that you do them before the cold weather sweeps into town. There are several pressure washing home projects that you should do before the winter freeze.

1. Pressure Wash Your Deck

There are numerous areas that you can cover on your home and around it that may seem more important than the deck, but nothing says welcome more than a clean deck. While the sun is still out, you should make sure that there isn’t any mold or mildew on the deck.

Mold and mildew will only get worse in cold conditions because moisture from the snow and ice spread across the deck and make them stick. If you’re going to apply a sealant on a wooden deck, it’s a good idea to pressure wash it in the fall so that you get rid of all the dirt and are well prepared for the sealing.

2. Pressure Wash the Windows

It’s very common for dust and pollen to accumulate on your windows before the cold months, and it may be so thin that it’s very difficult to detect unless you do a careful inspection. You should pressure wash the exteriors of your windows before that layer of dirt freezes and sticks.

It’s important to get rid of that dirt before winter because if you don’t, it will be even more difficult to do so in spring. You can do it yourself and risk getting hurt if you have high windows, or it might be easier to hire a professional who has the experience to do the job better.

3. Clean the Gutters

In fall, it’s common for your gutters to fill up with leaves and debris that the wind has swept into it. You’ll struggle quite a bit after winter to get the leaves out if you don’t do it before the temperatures drop, but you’re also going to suffer during winter.

Don’t be surprised when plummeting temperatures turn those loose leaves into an unsightly block of ice. A few leaves in the gutter might not sound like an issue, but it becomes a significant problem as freezing rain and snow fill up the gutters. It’s possible for the gutter to clog up and sag due to the additional weight.

If that happens, you can expect to do a complete gutter repair or replacement job in spring.

4. Power Wash the Outdoor Space

Apart from the deck, you should also ensure that you power wash your entire outdoor living area. That will include walking paths, side rails, and patios. Not only is your entire area going to look clean for winter, but it’s also going to be easier for you to transition back into outdoor activities during the warmer months by reducing the amount of cleaning required.

Make your spring in Warner Robins even more enjoyable by getting in touch with us so that we can protect your most valuable asset with our pressure washing services in Warner Robins GA.

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