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The Evolution of Rain Gutters: Exciting Changes from BCE to Nowadays

If you’ve ever bemoaned cleaning your rain gutters and wondered why they exist, you probably didn’t realize you were participating in a tradition that’s over 5,000 years old. Rain gutters date back millennia. The goal has always been the same: keeping water and waste away from your living structure. This helps preserve the structural integrity of your buildings and ensure their longevity. Read on for a brief history of rain gutters, and then think about how these structures benefit your own property in Oklahoma City, OK.

Rain gutters throughout history

The first known rain gutters are from the Indus Valley region and date to around 3,000 to 1,500 BCE. They were made of burned clay in the shape of bricks, and functioned just the same as rain gutters do today.

Early Romans were the next innovators when it came to rain gutter technology—around 27 BCE to 14 AD, they spread their own form of rain guttering around Italy as well as their English conquests. As technology developed in this part of the world, gargoyles and parapets became popular—they helped direct precipitation and runoff in a more decorative style.

Later in the early 18th century, cast iron became a cheap and plentiful material. Many gutters in the 18th century were made of cast iron but later switched to wood, thanks to its lighter and cheaper qualities. In fact, this was the century in which v-shaped gutters were popularized, not just for their utility, but also for their aesthetic quality.

In the 20th century, innovations in steel and other metal technology led to installing half-round gutters on the outside of buildings. The 1960s introduced the seamless gutter, which utilized aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight and cost efficient, and to this day makes up the bulk of rain gutters in America.

After reading this brief history of rain gutters, take a look at all the rain gutters on historic and modern buildings alike—it’s hard to imagine that this tradition dates back over 50 centuries. Trust the experts to make sure you have clean and obstruction-free gutters. After all, 5,000 years of history can’t be wrong!

Make sure you clean your gutters

While the materials and innovation behind rain gutters have changed, their basic purpose has not. It’s incredibly important to clean and maintain your rain gutters on a regular basis. If you don’t, the outlets get clogged and water runs off onto (and sometimes into) your building. Prevent water damage by cleaning them and checking for clogs regularly. Even the smallest amount of debris can cause issues, which hurts your structure as well as your to-do list.

Rain gutters in Oklahoma City, OK

L & S Seamless Guttering has been serving the Oklahoma City area since 1982, and we’re proud to bring nearly four decades of experience to serving our customers. We custom fabricate rain gutters to suit your individual building, whether you need aluminum or copper. Whether you need the best quality rain gutters or steel patio and carport covers, L & S Seamless Guttering has you covered. Call us today to get a quote on your next project.

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What’s So Great About Copper Gutters?

There are many reasons why when it comes to replacing the gutters on their home, people choose copper gutters. First, and most obvious, is their attractiveness. Copper gutters can dramatically change the character and beauty of your home. When they’re first installed, the shiny-penny color gives a burst of color and glow which oxidizes over time and fades into a lovely green, old-world patina.


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Commercial Gutters: Industrial Services

Commercial properties come in a multitude of sizes, styles, shapes, and materials as do their roofs. A commercial roof can be a pitched roof with asphalt shingles, it can have a flat metal or concrete roof, or it can even have a green roof covered with plants and grass. Industrial businesses like warehouses, distribution centers, and factories are generally so large they require a flat roof with a…


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How to Prepare Your Carport for Tornado Season

Don’t look now, but tornado season is right around the corner. Hopefully, this tornado season won’t be too nasty, but everyone still has to prepare for the worst. In addition to readying your home and roof, you can’t neglect tornado carport preparation in Oklahoma City! Keep reading to learn how to prepare your carport for tornadoes:

  • Build in the right location: Preparing your carport for a tornado begins the first day you install it. Ensure that the carport is built away from any tall or weak trees that could collapse in high winds. Hiring a professional to build your carport is a great way to ensure it’s constructed in the ideal location.
  • Anchor your carport: You can’t expect your carport to sit on top of your driveway and not blow away during a tornado. Be sure that it’s anchored upon installation, or go out and anchor it yourself before tornado season gets here.
  • Cross-brace vertical supports: The structure as a whole should stay on the ground if it’s anchored to the driveway, but you’ll want to be sure the roof stays put by cross-bracing the vertical supports under the roof.
  • Park in the center: Before the storm hits, be sure your vehicle is parked in the center of the carport. Parking in the middle mitigates the chance of damage to your vehicle or other belongings.
  • Have it professionally inspected: If you’re unsure if your carport is structurally sound, we recommend having a pro come out and inspect it. A professional will double-check that everything is up to code, and he can fix anything that looks amiss.

Choose our team for installation

As mentioned above, hiring a professional to build your carport is step one for tornado carport preparation in Oklahoma City, but you need to be sure you’re hiring the right team for the job. Here are a few reasons to choose our pros at L & S Seamless Guttering:

  • Tornado-proof installation: As a company based in Oklahoma with nearly 40 years of experience, we know how to construct steel carports that can withstand tornado-strength winds and rain! Rest easy knowing that your carport isn’t going anywhere if you choose our team to install it.
  • Fast service: If you want your carport built right away, then be sure to call L & S Seamless Guttering! We’ll get your carport set up as soon as possible so your vehicle and belongings will be protected from anything Mother Nature sends our way. We’re able to construct freestanding carports or attach them to a home or garage.
  • Fair prices: We promise you won’t overpay when you hire our team to build your carport. All of our services are priced competitively with the market, but just because our prices are low doesn’t mean we use low-quality materials! All of our carports are made of durable steel to stand the test of time.

Whether you’re interested in building a carport for the first time, or you want to ensure your carport is ready to handle tornadoes, call L & S Seamless Guttering! Nobody beats our team when it comes to carport construction and tornado carport preparation in Oklahoma City.

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Win the War on Leaves

You clean your gutters, they fill back up with leaves. Clean them again and in no time, they’re clogging and water is flowing over the edges of the gutters. When you’re a homeowner, you’re in a neverending war to keep leaves out of your gutters so stormwater can easily flow away from your home where it can’t do any damage. There is a way to win the war on leaves. So put on your tactical gear and…


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What is Gutter Mesh?

Your home’s gutter needs

There are many gutter guards available for your home. Every home has different gutter challenges due to the type and slope of its roof as well as the environment in which the home resides. Some homes may be in heavily forested areas while others may reside in areas with few trees. Some homes may weather storms for most of the year while others will experience mostly sunny days. Understanding your home and its particular needs will help make the most informed choice when it comes to its gutter needs. 

No matter what your home’s environment or roof style, gutters that are in good working order and are clear of any debris are a necessity at any time of the year. 

It is recommended that you inspect and clean your gutters regularly. 

Some homeowners try to protect their gutters from debris and other elements by installing a gutter guard to cut down on possible clogs and increase the time between cleanings. One of the many gutter guard options available is gutter mesh. Read on to find out what gutter mesh is, how it is different from other forms of gutter guards and whether or not it is right for your home. 

What is gutter mesh?

Gutter guards are designed to help keep debris out of your gutters by preventing the accumulation of debris in your gutters. There are many different kinds of gutter guards, each with its own approach to keeping your drains clog-free. A mesh gutter guard acts as a permeable roof for your gutter and is made up of a plastic, aluminum or stainless steel mesh that can be easily attached to the top of your gutter. These guards cover the whole gutter with a mesh sheet, trapping debris on the top of the mesh while water runs through the small holes. 

Is gutter mesh right for my home? 

Mesh filters can be the easiest of the gutter guard options to install, are often reasonably priced and are compatible with many different roof types. They protect your gutters from birds and rodents building nests in the gutters.  Plastic versions of mesh gutter guards are susceptible to UV damage. High profile gutter mesh styles may be damaged by branches, snow, ice and/or strong winds. Screen or mesh filters do not filter out finer debris so you will still have to continue with regular gutter maintenance cleaning both the gutter as well as clearing the mesh screen.

Remember to clean your gutters, even if you have a guard

If you have had gutter guards installed on your home or have decided to install gutter guards yourself, it may be more difficult to clean your gutters on your own, but remains just as important a task. Gutter guards may help to keep out some large debris and assist with preventing birds or rodents from building nests in your gutters, but they still need regular care and inspection for proper functioning and leaks. And they don’t stop small debris from collecting on your guards which can build up into a cake that totally blocks your gutter system. When this occurs, your gutters won’t channel water away from your home. Trust Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning to provide you with thorough, safe, professional gutter cleaning. 

Call us today and get $25 off your first gutter cleaning.


Get $25 Off Your First Gutter Cleaning!

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What are the Signs of Clogged Gutters?

Why is it important to recognize the signs of clogged gutters? 

Clogged gutters can mean a big headache for you and your home. If your gutters are clogged water isn’t being effectively diverted away from your home, instead spilling onto the side of your home. This water damage can lead to foundation damage, structural issues, mold and/or mildew, and possible basement flooding. Often, homeowners don’t know that their gutters are clogged until there a heavy rainfall makes the problem known. These expensive and troublesome issues can be easily avoided by checking your home’s gutters frequently for signs of clogged gutters. Read on to hear about the signs that you have clogged gutters and how unclogging them can save you from thousands of dollars of home repair.

Telltale signs of clogged gutters 

Many of the signs that your drains are clogged are evident only when it rains. One of the most obvious signs, in this regard, is that water is spilling out of the drains before it has a chance to funnel down the drain that leads to your drainage system. This water that is essentially being pushed over the side of your house can cause extensive water damage to both the external and internal frame of your home. 

Other storm-related signs that you might have clogged gutters include soggy floors after a rainstorm, indicating that water may have run down the interior walls of your home and leaked into living spaces. If you have noticed any staining on your siding, it might indicate that you have standing water in your gutter system. This stagnant water can cause significant damage to the boards behind the gutters or to the shingles of your home’s roof.

Other visual marks and signs of clogged gutters

Some of the signs that your drains are clogged can be viewed from the ground below your drains. If your gutters are sagging, collapsing or pulling away from the home, this may be a sign that your gutters are clogged (and are certainly a sign they need some attention!). Gutters aren’t designed to hold standing water or heavy, saturated material like wet leaves and will push the gutters down and possibly even rupture them. 

Water damage from a clogged gutter can cause rust or mildew to appear around the sides or top of your home. Rust and mildew can be unsightly, but worse, they can cause further damage to your gutter system and should be addressed before larger issues arise.

Signs of animal or plant life near your roof can also be a signal that your home’s drains are clogged. Animals from snakes and mice to squirrels and birds will often use clogged gutters as homes and nests. Clogged gutters can accumulate enough dirt to allow weeds and plants to germinate from seeds that have blown by in storms or been deposited by birds. If you see any signs of persistent life such as birds or plants in your gutters, it is time to have your gutters cleaned.

What to do if you suspect clogged gutters

If your gutters exhibit any of these signs of clogging, contact Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning as your professional gutter cleaning service. Our work is fully guaranteed and we carry full workers’ compensation and liability insurance. You can feel secure that our work will be done right and with the highest of professional standards. 

Call us today and get $25 off your first gutter cleaning!


Get $25 Off Your First Gutter Cleaning!

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Should I Get a Gutter Cleaning Service Plan?

Is a gutter cleaning service plan right for me?

The roof of your home doesn’t just keep warmth in, it also keeps the harsh elements out. 

In order for your roof to work most efficiently, rain, snow, leaves, animals, and any other material that falls on your roof must be collected and carried away. Gutter and downspouts act as the transport system that removes these unwanted elements from the roof of your house. 

When your gutter system is functioning efficiently, any precipitation that falls on the roof will flow through the gutters and into the ground away from the home. 

Unfortunately, as the water takes any organic material with it through the gutter system, that material often gets trapped or stuck, creating clogs in the gutters that can cause them to stop working. If these clogs go unnoticed for too long, your house can suffer damage, even structural damage, as water leaks down the side of the house, possibly entering the house through the walls or pooling at its foundation. 

The importance of keeping your gutters clean and clog-free cannot be overstated in order to prevent this damage from occurring. 

Keeping a maintenance calendar for your gutters

One way to keep your gutter system healthy and functioning at its peak is to keep up with regular gutter maintenance throughout the year. While it is recommended that this is done six times per year, most critically in the autumn after all the leaves have fallen.  Homes with a lot of trees, wildlife activity or any other kind of debris should make sure that their gutters are regularly checked every season. Keeping a calendar to remind you to clear your gutters can be helpful, but life often gets in the way and suddenly a storm hits and your home has incurred damage. Make sure your home is always protected with preemptive care through a service plan with Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning.  

Year-round gutter service

Ned Stevens’ Diamond plan will make sure that a gutter cleaning professional will make a minimum of six (6) yearly visits to your house to ensure that your gutters are in the best possible working shape. 

Our knowledgeable, highly trained team members will keep your gutters clean and free of debris while also checking to make sure there are no leaks and nothing needs to be resealed or repaired. 

March is a great time for checking to make sure that snow and ice haven’t caused any damage and to prepare for the oncoming spring showers. We will schedule a seasonal cleaning sometime during those spring showers to make sure that no debris from budding trees such as seed pods, oak tassels, ragweed or any other debris has settled into your gutters. Summer thunderstorms often bring down large tree branches. Our professional gutter cleaners will schedule an appointment to make sure that gutters are clear of any large debris and that there has been no damage to the gutters themselves. And, of course, during the busiest time of year, autumn, when the leaves fall and block gutters quickly, Ned Stevens will be at your house to clear any clogs or blocks to ready your house for the winter.  

Trust Ned Stevens

Ned Stevens has over 50 years of gutter cleaning experience and our courteous and professional team has seen every possible complication and knows when the best times are for your home’s particular roof style and environmental circumstances. Call today and get $50 off your first time Diamond Service Plan!


Get $50 Off Your First Diamond Plan!

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How to Clean House Gutters Without Using a Ladder

Tips for cleaning out your gutters without a ladder

Proper gutter maintenance is one of the most important things you can invest in for your home. Conscientious homeowners know that keeping gutters clear of debris allows precipitation runoff to drain properly, preventing water from running down the sides of the house, damaging the walls and foundation of the home.

Gutter maintenance is, however, difficult and possibly even dangerous work if you clean your gutters using the traditional method of gutter cleaning which calls from climbing a ladder to clear out the gutter detritus. Luckily, there are other ways to clean your gutters without the need for the use of a ladder.

What to consider before choosing a gutter cleaning tool

There are several different alternatives to climbing a ladder to help clear out your obstructed gutters. Prior to embarking on your gutter clearing adventure, there are a few things you may need to consider in order to pick the best ladder-free gutter cleaning method for your home. First, you need to figure out the height of your roof and gutters to make sure your chosen tool will reach all your gutters. Next, you need to determine if the detritus in your gutters is made up primarily of dry or wet debris or you might end up choosing a method that does not successfully clear your gutters. You will also need to consider what lies beneath the gutters and if it will be disturbed by your gutter clearing activities, including whether or not debris might land in areas that you can’t access to clear away. Whatever method you choose, make sure to wear garden gloves and protective eyewear. The best way to ensure your gutters are clean is to hire a gutter cleaning professional and forgo the gadgets.

Ladder-free gutter cleaning alternatives

Perhaps the easiest way of cleaning out your gutters is by using a hose and spigot which uses a controlled stream of water to wash away small debris from your gutters. You can easily find hose attachments that are essentially telescoping poles that allow you to focus the spray where needed to clear out your gutters. This method has the drawback of possibly getting you wet and dirty in the process and will certainly spray debris around your house which then needs to be cleaned up afterwards.

Another ladder-free way to clean gutters involves using a gutter vacuum. Gutter vacuums clean the length of your home while staying on the ground through the use of a shop vac or a leaf blower with a reverse function. Here you will either need to purchase an attachment that connects to the apparatus, or you can make one yourself with aluminum duct elbows and a hose or extension tubing. From here, you can suck dry leaves through the extension or tubing and clear your gutters with ease. However, it is never easy to anticipate the weight of the debris you encounter, which means this method comes with safety risks.

When you are aware that the material in your gutters may be too wet or heavy for the above cleaning methods, you might use gutter cleaning tongs. In theory, gutter cleaning tongs allow you to simply grab the debris and lift it directly out of the gutters. These tongs are typically maneuvered through the use of a rope attached to a metal pole which can be extended to your gutters’ height specificities. Other tools similarly use brush or rake attachments to manually churn out or release wet, heavy, caked material from your gutters.

Contact a gutter cleaning specialist

Ultimately, none of the options above are 100% safe as removing heavy debris always carries the risk of personal injury. If your gutters are clogged you may already be considering your options, searching online for “gutter cleaning near me.” If this is you, call Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning to help. Our team of highly trained professionals can easily clear your gutters relieving you from the arduous task of cleaning them yourself. Get $25 off your first gutter cleaning when you call today!

Get $25 Off Your First Gutter Cleaning!

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