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Yelp Award 2019

At Rain Gutter Pros, we’ve always believed that our success is dependent on satisfied clients. As such, we’re proud of the fact that we maintain overwhelmingly positive ratings from our valued customers on Yelp and other rating platforms.

Feel free to check out our reviews on Yelp and Google, visit our testimonials page, or contact us directly to find out why Rain Gutter Pros might be the best choice for your home or business.

We look forward to working with you!

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Gutters This Summer

Your gutters are an important part of your home. Gutters ensure that water stays away from your home and prevents you from having to pay for costly damage. In every season gutter maintenance is necessary. Making sure that your gutters are always in the best shape they can be is very important. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore your gutters this summer.

1. Gutters should be cleaned year round

Gutters should be cleaned all year-round. Cleaning your gutters every season is important and essential to the health of your home and gutters. Cleaning out your gutters yourself is a good option, but hiring a professional is also a good idea. Ensuring that your gutters are thoroughly cleaned is crucial.

2. Debris and animal nests could be gathering

During the winter and spring months animals could have possibly been nesting in your gutters as well as many other forms of debris. There are a lot of different things that could cause your gutters to be clogged. This is why cleaning or hiring a professional to clean your gutters is important.

3. Your gutters could be broken or damaged

While some damage is obvious to see from the yard such as sagging or completely broken gutters other damages can be hard to spot from the ground. When cleaning out your gutters you or the professionals can inspect for any damage that may have occurred over the winter and spring months. Ensuring that your gutters are not damaged or broken will protect your home and foundation from water damage.

4. Perfect time for repairs or replacement

Summer is a great season for repairs or replacements. Now is a great time to inspect your gutters thoroughly and get any repairs that are needed. If your gutters have seen better days now is also a great time to install completely new gutters for your home.

Summer is the perfect time to deep clean your gutters, inspect them, and perform any necessary maintenance that may need to be done. Ensuring that your gutters are in good shape helps to not only protect your home, but save you money in the long run. Gutters play a very important role in ensuring your home and foundation are not damaged by water. Don’t ignore your gutters this summer. Call The Gutter Pros to help you ensure your gutters are in the best possible condition.

Call The Gutter Pros today at 443-880-4813.

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How to Quiet Noisy Downspouts and Gutters

Water From DownspoutIf you’ve ever lost sleep to the irritating drip-drip-drip of water in your downspouts and gutters, you might be looking for inexpensive ways to keep them quiet during heavy rainstorms. The good news is, there are a few simple strategies you can use to muffle the sound from gutters and downspouts so you can sleep soundly through those warm summer storms.

Replace Metal Elbows With PVC

Metal elbows can actually amplify the trickling and dripping sounds of water. PVC will help reduce the echo and mitigate this noise.

Check for Loose Downspout Straps

What’s just as annoying as dripping water? Rattling downspouts! Check to make sure none of your home’s downspout straps are loose.

Absorb the Water

Placing a piece of sponge or artificial turf in the bottom of a downspout will absorb drips and reduce noise.

Change the Downspout Angle

Angling the ends of your downspouts further away from the house will help water flow seamlessly down without dripping and splashing.

Muffle the Noise

Try wrapping foam insulators around your downspouts to muffle the sound of dripping water. Insulation will minimize surface vibrations and lessen the noise.

Try the Rope Trick

Grab some caulk and some 3/8-inch diameter nylon or poly rope. Caulk around the gutter drain and run the rope down the entire length of your downspouts. This will cause the water to wick down the rope instead of making that dreaded dripping noise when it hits the elbow.

Call the Pros

So you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still lying awake at night listening to the sounds of dripping water. Call Bell Seamless Gutters at (800) 597-1616 or contact us online today for a free estimate to help solve your problem. Serving New Jersey since 1956, Bell Seamless Gutters has helped countless homeowners with comprehensive gutter installation and repair.

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Gutter Guards = No More Gutter Cleaning?

As a homeowner in Tacoma, Wash., you probably know that having a gutter system is a necessity for preventing serious damage to your home. On top of that, you should know that regular gutter maintenance is the only way to ensure your gutters continue to properly function throughout every rain storm.

Even though it’s crucial, cleaning your gutters can be a hassle; that’s why many homeowners opt for gutter guards or gutter screens. They’re sold the dream of never having to get back onto a ladder.

Unfortunately, that’s usually all it is—a dream.

Your gutters will still require cleaning and maintenance, even with gutter guards. At Tacoma Gutter Service, we’ve seen many homeowners fall into the trap of installing a gutter screen and thinking all their problems are solved. Here’s why that’s not the case.

Debris and Gunk Will Find a Way

There are several different types of gutter guards, such as screens and bottle brushes. Each kind of gutter protection still needs to let water into your gutters, so it only makes sense that small debris and other gunk will find its way in as well. Dust, dirt, mildew, roof granules, and small twigs or leaves can accumulate in your system. Larger debris can sit on top of your screens and prevent water from getting in at all, causing it to pour over and making your gutters virtually useless.

Once your gutters get clogged, all bets are off. Your home then becomes susceptible to flooding, rot, mold, mildew, and a weakened foundation. The only way to truly protect your gutters and your home against the danger of obstruction is through regular maintenance and cleanings (of both your gutters and their screens).

Benefits of Gutter Guards

Just because they don’t solve all your problems, doesn’t mean gutter guards are completely worthless.

Even though leaves and debris will eventually accumulate on top of your gutter guards, they are less time-consuming and much easier to clear off than having to clean your entire gutter system. Gutter guards do make maintenance easier. You may even find that if you’re clearing off your screen on a regular basis, you won’t have to clean your system as much—maybe just once or twice a year.

Completely blocked and clogged gutters are less likely with gutter guards and screens. The large debris that would typically cause an obstruction won’t make their way into your system. When water is running freely through your gutters, you don’t have to worry about stagnant water pooling up and becoming a breeding ground for insects, like mosquitos and spiders.

Gutter screens protect your system from larger vermin as well. The guards work as a physical barrier to birds and rodents, keeping them out of your gutters. Additionally, without the buildup of debris in your system, these animals won’t have access to the nesting material and shelter that often make gutters a favorable home.

Skip the Stress

If you choose to have gutter guards—or have them already—then thorough cleaning can be more of a hassle. You’ll have to carefully clean and remove your guard or screen before cleaning out your gutters.

Or you can skip the additional hardware altogether and just hire us to take care of all your gutter cleaning needs. On top of making sure your gutters are debris-free, we’ll also check for potential issues such as cracks, corrosion, sagging, and areas that might be pulling away from your home’s fascia.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you decide if gutter guards would benefit your home, as well as help you maintain your gutter system, whether or not you opt for them. To schedule a free estimate, visit us online or call (253) 927-7111.

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5 Steps To Ensure Your Gutters Are Ready For Summer Storms

Summer can often bring about violent storms and ensuring that your gutters are prepared for the conditions is an important part of being a homeowner. With high winds, heavy rain, and occasional hail your gutters need to be in good shape to withstand the summer storms. Ensure that your gutters are prepared with these 5 steps.

1. Inspect For Any Obvious Damage

If it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned or checked your gutters there may be some obvious damage that can be seen from the yard or with a little closer look. Inspect your gutters from below and also with a ladder up close to see if you notice any immediate damage. Ensure that your gutters are not leaking or rusted. Also ensure that your gutters are not sagging and are firmly attached to your home. Any obvious damage should be inspected and handled as soon as possible to prevent any further costly repairs.

2. Clean Debris Out Of Gutters

Gutters can get clogged up with debris no matter what season it is. Start by cleaning out your gutters thoroughly or hiring a professional to clean them for you. Sticks, leaves, dirt, animals, and other things can prevent water from flowing through your gutters properly. Ensuring that your gutters are not clogged will help the rain to flow easily through your gutters during summer storms.

3. Check For Standing Water In Gutters

Checking for standing water in gutters is important. Ensuring that water can flow through smoothly is very important when it comes to the harsh summer storms. Use a water test to check your gutters for standing water. Use your hose or a small bucket of water and pour it down your gutters to ensure that there is no debris or problems with the flow of the water. If you find that water is standing or moving slowly you may have a problem with the slope of your downspouts and should call a professional to get that inspected and fixed.

4. Check Downspouts

Downspouts can often get clogged with debris and effect the flow of water in the gutters. Summer is a perfect time to get the hose out and spray the insides of your downspouts. Start by disconnecting the downspouts to any underground pipes. Then begin to hose them out ensuring that the water flows all the way through. This will ensure that there is no debris clogged in there and ensure that your home will be able to withstand summer storms.

5. Inspect Seams, Joints, And Ends

Leaking gutters are not going to be able to withstand all of the water a summer storm brings. Leaking gutters will only get worse as the summer storms hit and will ultimately lead to even more costly repairs. The water that is leaked through the gutters builds up in places around your home such as your driveway, yard, and walk ways. Water around your home can lead to water seeping into your home and causing even more costly damage. Inspect your gutters for holes, gaps, or cracked sealant. If you find any problems or suspect you might have call a professional to come inspect and fix the problem for you ensuring that your yard and home will be safe through summer storms.

Ensuring that your gutters are ready for summer is important. Summer is the time to enjoy the outdoors and go on vacations, not spend money on costly repairs caused by damaged gutters. Don’t let the summer storms get the best of your home or your wallet. Take the steps needed now to ensure your home will be ready for summer and the storms to come. The Gutter Pros can help to ensure that your gutters are in the best shape to protect your home this summer.

Call the Gutter Pros for all your gutter needs today at 443-880-4831.

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Seamless Gutter Guard Systems Make All The Difference

Knowing the difference between regular and seamless gutter guard systems isn’t a usual requirement for owning a home, but can make all the difference in keeping your property as low maintenance as possible.  If you want to spend less time cleaning and maintaining gutters and more time enjoying your living space, getting a seamless gutter guard system installed on your home is a step in the right direction.

Why not ‘seamed’ gutter guard systems?

Regular, or seamed gutter guard systems, are the most commonly installed gutter systems because they are inexpensive and can even be installed in a DIY fashion. Often called sectional gutters, seamed gutters are formed around the home using smaller sections of gutters joined together at their seams. While a cost-friendly solution, problems can and do occur as debris collects and gets stuck in the seams, causing clogs and water leakage. If not regularly cleaned and maintained, a seamed gutter guard system stops providing any benefit at all leading to damage of your home’s foundation, roof or even siding.

Seamless gutter systems, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive, but provide an unparalleled level of protection and benefits that far outweigh the cheaper options available.  Made onsite using a specialized gutter machine, seamless gutter systems are made to measure, with minimal seaming. Long runs of gutter are fitted to your home and only joint at the corners of the exterior, minimizing chances of leakage and requiring much less maintenance than traditional systems, if any.

How does a seamless gutter guard system benefit my home?

With less room for debris to accumulate and other ‘small inhabitants’ to nest, seamless gutter guard systems hardly need any attention at all.  This is because they have fewer joints and points of entry for anything other than water to get in. As a result, you don’t have to worry about seasonally clearing out your gutters, risking your safety or spending extra money for maintenance.  They can also provide:

A custom-fit for your home: Because seamless gutter guard systems have to be created on site, you can be sure they’ll be a perfect fit for your unique property.  When adjusted to your home’s specific measurements, gutters can do what they’re meant to do at optimal function and performance.

Fewer leaks:  Over time, joints can start to widen from each other forming holes where water can start to leak. Seamless gutter guard systems have fewer joints than seamed models and therefore, are less likely to have leakage problems.

Less clogging: Where there are more seams, there are more chances of snag and buildup of various debris, such as leaves, twigs and other airborne materials.  These can cause clogs that can sometimes create large blockages that prevent the system from flushing out water, leading to leaks and property damage.  As seamless gutter guard systems simply have fewer seams, these issues are few and far between.

Less need for upkeep: Knowing that you don’t have to regularly check your gutters and that your home is adequately protected, you can sit back and relax, or focus on the more pleasing aspects of maintaining your home, like gardening your outdoor space or sprucing up a tired kitchen.

Why should I choose a K-Guard seamless gutter guard system?

With hundreds of seamless gutter guards on the market, it can be difficult to differentiate which ones are better than others.  Some may offer only the most basic seamless gutters without hoods, or only specific colors and materials.

Unlike other competitors, K-Guard seamless gutter guard systems give your home the full package as they are designed and engineered as a single, complete system, rather than as an attachment to existing gutters.   Each is custom-formed to provide optimal performance, unbeatable quality, and come in a variety of colors to best match your home.

In addition to providing all the above-mentioned benefits of a seamless gutter guard system, K-Guard also offers:

  •      A lifetime no-clog warranty
  •      A smooth design with various color options
  •      Angled hangers for added leverage and strength
  •      A full-sized five-inch rain gutter that can hold 70 gallons per foot
  •      A patented design that fully supports front and rear gutter drainage
  •      A 3-1/4-inch wide gutter bottom to accommodate the 3×4-inch downspout
  •      A convenient, removable hood that is textured to offer an extra line of protection against markings from hail
  •      A robust, high-strength, all-weather design kept secure by 0.027 to 0.032-inch thick coated aluminum (3105-H16 to H-24) or 16 and 20-ounce copper that’s formed on site

Professionally installed by a K-Guard contractor, you can rest assured that your seamless gutter guard system will stand the test of time, and keep the chances of having to call out for repairs slim.  Enjoying an unprecedented reputation for quality and excellence in home drainage systems since 1998, K-Guard has been field tested with over 35 million feet gutter guard systems installed across 37 states, so you can trust that your property is in good hands.

Seamless gutter guard systems needn’t be something you think about more than once in your lifetime of owning a home, but installing the right one can make the difference between wasting time and money, or focusing on the more pleasurable aspects of home maintenance.  We all know which is the more favorable option!

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Does My House Really Need Rain Gutters?

As a rain gutter installation company in the dry LA climate, one question we encounter is “do I even need rain gutters on my home?”

The answer to this question is “probably.”

The following factors should be taken into consideration:

1) Existing Water Diversion / Stream Formation

If water from your roof naturally collects into a couple streams, it’s possible to manage that runoff with water diverters or ground features that keep your foundation safe.

2) Roof Overhang

We’d suggest that a minimum roof overhang of 6 feet is necessary if you’re considering going without gutters.

3) Ground Slope

Houses are typically built in a manner that gives them some degree of slope intended to divert water away from the foundation. However, on its own this is generally not sufficient to divert enough water to make rain gutters necessary. Assess the natural water flow around your house – if pools of water form near the house, rain gutters are needed.

4) Ground apron and drainage

A concrete or gravel apron can be an effective means of diverting water from the house’s foundation into a drainage system (natural or manmade).

5) Average Rainfall

A huge factor in whether or not gutters are necessary for obvious reasons. Southern California is definitely toward the lower end of the spectrum where rainfall could be manageable if all of the other factors are also in your favor. However, abnormal weather patterns seem to be becoming something of a norm (LA got an entire year’s worth of rain in 4 months this year) so it seems unwise to bet the house on historic patterns.

To sum up, all of the above factors need to be lined up clearly in your favor if you’re considering whether going gutterless is an option. Certainly none of these on their own are sufficient to make gutters unnecessary.

Keep in mind that you’re not just dealing with the water that you see. We’d suggest that you speak with a gutter installation specialist or a trusted, independent housing contractor for their expert opinion.


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7 Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Driveway  

Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Driveway

Wherever you live and whatever the climate, your driveway takes a beating year-round. Signs of wear may be from high-traffic or due to environmental influences, like rain, ice, and snow. Regardless of the reason, it is imperative to maintain your driveway to preserve the investment that you have made in your property; begin with pressure washing your driveway.

Seven benefits of pressure washing your home’s driveway are:

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Your home’s  curb appeal significantly contributes to your property value, demonstrating care and effort into maintaining your home. Your driveway and entrance to your home creates the first impression of guests visiting your property; make sure that it is clean, clear, and safe underfoot with pressure washing. Your siding, deck, and shutters also benefit from a vigorous cleaning and pressure wash- without the sweat equity of manually scrubbing surface facades with brushes and cleaning solvents.

2. Impedes Weeds

If spending less time maintaining, trimming, and weeding sounds appealing to you, know that pressure washing can impede the growth of weeds, resulting in less effort for homeowners. The water can penetrate the cracks in your walkways, driveways, or tiled surfaces which might otherwise be difficult to access and clean. Furthermore, preventing weeds can add years to the life of your driveway and tiled features, as weeds expand and exacerbate cracks and damage along surfaces. Home improvement experts recommend annual pressure washing to remove weeds, debris, and dirt that accumulate in these regions.

3. Improves Health

Need another benefit of pressure washing? Consider the impact on your family’s health. Pressure washing surfaces, including your driveway, reduces the prevalence of harmful mold, mildew, and growths that can compromise the air that your loved ones breathe daily. Cleaning your exteriors regularly cuts-down on the dirt, dust, and allergens that are present both inside and outside your home; reduce the toxins and pressure wash.

4. Maintenance

Are you tired of looking at the same oil and grease stains that plague your driveway, garage floor, or walk? These seemingly simple stains can impact the overall looks of your property and are often difficult to remove. Get rid of the eyesore and hire a professional pressure washer to treat and remove the stains, quickly and effectively.

5. Security

Speaking of maintenance, you must take care of your surfaces to prevent them from becoming potential hazards, such as a fall risk to those visiting your property. Routine pressure washing ensures these surfaces are not slick and slippery from the growth of mold or mildew which is so common in wet or humid conditions. Add a good rain shower to the presence of algae or grime and you have the perfect scenario for a nasty fall- and potential injury. Keep your property safe and secure for your loved ones, guests, and visitors.

6. Efficiency

It can be a time-consuming chore to clean and clear driveways and walkways, paths and patios. Save a lot of time and see results fast with a pressure washing professional. The high pressure of the water removes grime, dirt, oil, and grease quickly, melting it away, without countless hours scrubbing the surfaces with sponges, brushes, and chemicals. The water penetrates tiny cracks and crevices that are impossible to reach otherwise, making it a far more efficient approach to take.

7. Longevity

Extend the life of your driveway and property with regular and routine pressure wash treatments. Thorough cleaning of these surfaces removes grime and dirt that, over time, may erode and compromise the integrity of your surfaces. Using a pressure wash approach to your driveway, walkway, or patios is gentler than the harsh, toxic chemical solutions often used by homeowners and sold widely at home improvement venues. These solvents and cleaners can be difficult to use and often damaging to your surfaces, also.

Get A Free Estimate for Your Driveway Today

Now that you know why pressure washing your driveway is important, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with a pressure washing professional part of your routine maintenance for your property and protect your most valuable investment: your home.

Rely on Propel Pressure Cleaning, the professional pressure washing Warner Robins GA company to renew your driveway. With years of experience and expertise, you will enjoy the many advantages and perks of pressure washing with none of the hassle- including these seven compelling benefits of pressure washing. Call for your free estimate today.

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8 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pressure Washing Company 

Pressure Washing Company

It can be tough to know what to look for when hiring a home improvement contractor, such as a pressure washing company, particularly if you have never hired one before. Each pressure washing company is going to offer different services with varying results and expertise, so it pays to have some sense of what to look for before arranging service provision. Take your time; do some research. When it comes to hiring professionals to pressure wash your home or business, check out work that they have completed in your area, if possible. This may add insight that aids in making an informed- and satisfying- decision.

Keep these eight things in-mind when choosing a pressure washing company for your property:

1. The Process

When meeting with prospective pressure washing contractors, ask about the process. Have them explain what it is that they will do! Each company takes their own approach and likely some may service surfaces that others do not. Find out if they offer the distinct processes needed to clean and clear your driveway, roof, siding, shutters, walkway, patio, or any surfaces that you choose. Homeowners will find that seeking out the services of a versatile and seasoned company will bring results while minimizing potential damage to your property.

2. Credentials

Would you let someone without credentials or qualifications work freely on your home? Ask about your pressure washing company’s credentials. Are they licensed and insured? Is there licensure involved? It is integral that the company you choose carries insurance and coverage for the workers performing the job- or you could end up on the hook for accidents or injuries. Online resources such as recommend that you fully-vet anyone that is completing work or chores around your property and that they provide proof of liability insurance coverage.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Do a simple online search for the pressure washing company that you are contemplating using; are there any reviews of their work? Carefully read and weigh the ratings, reviews, and feedback that you find. An absence of an online presence and customer feedback could be a sign to go with another company as their reputation cannot be verified.

4. The Cost

While cost should not be the determining factor in choosing a pressure wash company, you should inquire directly about the costs associated with completing the job. There is an old-adage that says you get what you pay for; when it comes to your home, don’t cut corners and risk damage to your primary investment with shoddy pressure washing. This is because some pressure washing companies will simply under bid to get the job and will make up for it by cutting corners to make a profit.

Ask for estimates and compare quotes, but choose a company based on many considerations including but not exclusively, price.

5. Integrity

It is a sign that a company or business has integrity when they offer customers a guarantee of satisfaction. Ask your potential candidates if they stand by their services and what your recourse is if you are displeased. A guarantee demonstrates that your chosen contractor has confidence in the work that they do.

6. Time Frame

Find out what you can expect when it comes to a time frame for completing the pressure wash. Make sure that they are flexible enough to work with your schedule and that they can accommodate your own timeline before hiring them.

7. The Equipment

Take the time to inquire about the supplies and equipment used when cleaning your driveway, walkways, or home. Look for attention to quality cleaning agents and a familiarity with the brands of the trade. An inability to provide this information may be a consequence of using inferior cleaning products, which could potentially damage your property. Don’t settle for less.

8. Cooperation

Finally, look for a sign that the pressure washing professional is being honest and transparent with you in all your interactions. Seek an honest estimate even if it is high and be wary of any contractor offering a deal that seems too good to be true. Avoid ambiguity when it comes to setting up your service and ask for arrangements in writing. You want to work with a pressure washing company that works with you cooperatively and collaboratively.

Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Company Today!

Why run the risk of hiring sub-par companies to pressure wash your home? Talk to the experts at Propel Pressure Cleaning, a reputable pressure washing Warner Robins GA company. We are a team of knowledgeable and courteous pressure washing professionals that are waiting to talk to you!

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