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5 Things You Need to Know About a Copper Rain Gutter System

If you’re like most homeowners in Tacoma, Wash., then you know that a rain gutter system is an essential part of your home. Rain gutters have an important function, and they can also be stylish—adding a certain elegance to your home’s exterior.

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to make the right decision as to which is best for your home. One option to consider is copper gutters. At Tacoma Gutter Service we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners beautify their home with this type of system. If you’re thinking about upgrading or replacing your system and considering this material, here are a few things you need to know about copper gutters.

1. They Have a Long Lifespan

Copper gutters can last at least 50—sometimes even 100—years with proper maintenance. Some homeowners may balk at the price of a copper gutter system, especially when they compare it to vinyl or aluminum, but its lifespan is well worth the cost. Not only does it last for decades, but they typically require fewer replacements and repairs, which can you save money after the initial costs.

2. Copper is More Durable Than Other Material

You really can’t beat copper’s durability. Most of the material’s longevity is due to its ability to resist corrosion. While copper does weather, it doesn’t rust. It is also very unlikely that a copper system will creak, wear out, or develop other issues that would be the end of gutter systems made with weaker material. Because of this, copper gutters require minimal maintenance; you’ll still have to routinely clear out debris, but they rarely sag, dent, or need replacement.

3. These Systems are Stronger

Copper gutters feature soldered seams, so there won’t be any gaps in the gutter or downspouts where water can leak and escape. The hangers and fasteners used to keep copper gutters secured to your home are also stronger than other materials, so you won’t have to worry about your system falling away from your home’s eaves or fascia after a big storm.

4. Copper Gutters are Generally Made to Order

Copper gutters are truly a seamless system; this is because they are usually made to order and customized to fit your home exactly. Joints are smoldered together, so you won’t have to worry about leaks, or gaps, and because the pieces are measured to fit your home, you won’t have to worry about them being ill-fitting or awkward. The only downside to this is that you won’t be able to install a copper system yourself, and it may be more challenging to find professionals who can handle the job.

5. They Can Immediately Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Copper rain gutters offer immediate interest and appeal. Oxidation gives copper a beautiful coat of patina, so, over time, your gutters will have a bit of rustic charm and a dramatic, weathered look to them. Copper gutters can be a great way for your home to stand out and also increase the curb appeal of your home, since its unique look can’t be matched by other types and finishes of gutters. Its durability makes it a great selling feature when it comes time to sell your home.


Because copper is a more difficult material to work with, you’ll need to hire professionals for the job. If you want the job done right, contact Tacoma Gutter Services. We have decades of experience and have worked with all types of gutter materials—including copper. For a free estimate, visit us online or call (253) 927-7111.

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Adding a Rainwater Collection System to Your Existing Gutters

rainwater collectionFrom their ecological benefits to the significant savings they can provide on your monthly water bill, there a number of good reasons to consider adding a rainwater collection system to your home. These systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, as many homeowners are looking for creative new ways to minimize their water consumption around the house.

Rainwater collection systems are also ideal for avid gardeners, or for people who live in areas where soil conditions make it difficult to drain large volumes of water away from their homes.

Although we often add rainwater collection bins to new seamless gutter installations, these systems can be easily integrated into your existing gutters and downspouts as well. All we have to do is divert the downspout of your choice into two separate pipes. One of these pipes will feed your rainwater collection bins, while the other will carry water safely away from home in the same manner as an ordinary downspout. Once the system is installed, you can select which path the rainwater will take at the flip of a switch.

In the event that your rainwater bins become filled with water, you can simply close the downspout diverter to prevent them from overflowing. Otherwise, you can let your gutters fill the bins with free water to use in your lawn and garden.

Interested in learning more about the rainwater collection systems we offer at Bell Seamless Gutters? Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number or contact us online today to speak with a representative!

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3 Signs Your Gutters Need Professional Attention

Gutters protect your home and property from water damage. While your gutters might not look like much, they bring water from the roof of your home and guide it along so that it doesn’t damage your roof, basement or landscaping. There are a number of signs that indicate your gutters aren’t working properly. From damage to your gutters that is visible, to water pooling in your basement, poorly working gutters will cause a number of problems. Learn more about common problems seen when your gutter system is not working as it should to protect your property.

Visible Signs of Damage

Your gutters need professional help when you can visibly see signs of damage. Holes in your gutters, or gutters that are pulling away from your home are not going to work correctly. You may notice that your gutters are sagging or cracked when they need to be repaired. There may be gaps in between the gutter connections that need to be replaced. Any time you see gutters that are pulling apart or that drip at the connection points, they need to be assessed. If you find screws or small pieces of your gutter system on the ground, it is clear that it’s time to call for help.

Less Obvious Signs of Gutter Damage

There are times when small animals will make your gutters home. If your gutters overflow all the time, or you see small nests in your gutters, they aren’t able to direct water to where it needs to go. If you find standing water in your gutters, this means they aren’t at the right angle to drain water from your roof. When icicles form in cold weather, this shows that your gutters aren’t draining water as they should. If you aren’t able to clean your gutters on your own, professional gutter cleaning can get the work done for you.

Signs Around the Home That Gutters Are Failing

Beyond the clear signs that your gutters are structurally failing, your home can show signs that your gutters are in need of help too. Ifyour foundation has water that is pooling around it after a storm, the gutters aren’t moving the water away from your home. Rotting wood or peeling paint on the exterior of your home are signs of water damage from a poor gutter system. If your basement floods often or your landscaping gets damaged after a rain storm, your gutter system needs professional attention.

Contact Weatherguard Gutters for Gutter Maintenance Services Today

Weatherguard Gutters is ready to provide your home in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland with gutter maintenance or replacement gutters. Contact us today to get a free estimate and learn why Weatherguard Gutters has been serving the area for more than 25 years.

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Copper Roofing; Managing Oxidization and Patinas

Are you considering installing a new copper roof on your home or place of business. Copper roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to their long lifespan, low-maintenance and choice in styles, including standing seam, flat seam, diamond panels and copper shingles. You can also choose the type of finish you’d like on your new copper roof as well as whether or not to allow your copper roof to develop a patina, which is the green-gray hue that develops on the copper over the course of six to 20 years or to keep your copper roof looking new by applying special coatings and sealants.

Copper Roofing Finishes

Copper roofs can be given a wide range of finishes, depending on the composition of the copper and the chemicals placed on the copper after installation. For example, 99 percent copper is salmon red upon installation. Other metals can be introduced to create alloys such as 90 percent copper / 10 percent zinc (red-gold upon installation), and 85 percent copper / 15 percent zinc (reddish yellow in appearance upon installation). All of these copper and copper alloy roofs form patinas over time, ranging in color from gray-green to gray-brown. The reason is oxidation, and homeowners and commercial building owners can opt to allow the patina to form, or use coatings to stop the patina process.

Copper Roofing Oxidation and Patinas

Copper roofs last more than 100 years due to oxidation and the patina that forms on the surface of the copper. The patina process starts the minute the copper is exposed to air and moisture, and over time, a very thin layer of corrosion develops on the copper, which helps protect it against the elements and degradation. As more years pass, the patina thickens, changing the appearance of the copper from a shiny bronze color to gray-green or brilliant green, like the shade of green on the Statue of Liberty.

Factors That Affect the Patina Process

Two factors can slow the formation of the patina, including how clean the copper is when it is installed and the amount of moisture present in the environment.

Copper Cleanliness

If the copper panels are lubricated or oiled by the manufacturer, this can slow down the development of the patina because the oil or lubricant acts like a coating that prevents air and water from coming into contact with the copper.

Environmental Moisture

If the environment is extremely dry, like in the desert, it may take as long as 20 years for a patina to start to develop. However, a copper roof that is installed in an ocean environment may develop a patina in as little as five or six years.

Preventing Copper Patinas

While the formation of the patina should be considered a natural process and admired, some homeowners and commercial building owners may want to keep the original color of the copper by preventing air and moisture from coming into contact with the copper. This can be accomplished by coating the copper sheets, panels or shingles with a sealant that prevents air and water from coming into direct contact with the copper.

Common types of copper sealants include nitrocellulose, acrylic and silicone. Nitrocellulose coatings are the most popular due to their cost, but they must be reapplied every year. Acrylic coatings are slightly more durable, but also more expensive. Silicone coatings also work well to prevent patinas from forming on copper roofs. This is slightly more expensive than nitrocellulose but may offer the best protection against the formation of the patina.

Once the coating is applied, the patina process will not occur as long as the coating remains intact. Unfortunately, coatings do wear away over time, which means the copper roof will need to be resealed periodically in order to maintain its shiny, original color, and if the coating wears away unevenly, parts of the copper roof may start to develop a patina before other sections of the roof.

The good news is that home and business owners can stop coating their copper roofs at any point and let the patina develop naturally. Any coatings placed on a copper roof are merely for aesthetics. They don’t actually protect the roof against wear and tear. The copper is wear, tear and weather-resistant all by itself.

Restoring Copper After Patina Has Occurred

If the patina has already formed on the copper roof, it can be removed in order to restore the original color of the copper. The process starts by thoroughly cleaning the patina from the copper. This can usually be accomplished via powerwashing, but may require some scrubbing by hand if the patina is particularly thick. Once the patina has been completely removed, the copper can then be sealed in order to prevent future redevelopment of the patina.

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Pairing Architectural Styles with Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Metal roofing with dormer window

One way to update your home’s curb appeal is to have a new roof installed. Standing seam metal roofing is a popular option that creates a sleek, contemporary look you will enjoy for many years. Available in a variety of colors and panel widths, this metal roofing complements most architectural styles including traditional homes, charming California bungalows and more formal Tudor-style abodes.

What is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

An alternative to traditional asphalt roofing shingles, this metal roofing is comprised of long panels typically made of aluminum, galvanized steel or blended metal that run from the ridge of the roof to the eaves. Panel seams are connected by raised fasteners to give this roofing its distinctive look while helping to prevent water leaks.

Metal roofing can be easily cut and customized for placement around chimneys, dormer windows and porch overhangs.

There are many benefits to raised seam metal roofing. When properly installed, this lightweight, fire-resistant, EPA-designated ‘cool roof’ acts as a heat conductor to help keep your home cooler in the summertime and warmer in the winter. This energy-efficient roof can help lower your overall energy costs. In addition, an experienced roof installer can install this roofing material quickly.

Modernize a Traditional Home

Give your traditional home an updated look with a standing seam metal roof. This roofing has clean lines and a flawless continuity that complements your home’s entranceway, large front windows and stucco exterior. Narrow metal roofing panels add a little texture to the home without taking away from its beauty. Natural earth tones add a subtle pop of color to the roof without making it the focal point.

Update a Charming California bungalow

Play around with color and roofing panel width to give your California bungalow a fresh, modern feel. Wider panels create a bold, industrial look, while narrow panels blend in for a more traditional appearance. Many bungalows are one or one and one-half story with classic architectural details including unenclosed rafters and a sloping roof. Raised metal panel roofing highlights these unique details without making your home appear small. You can go bold with the roof color or choose a more neutral shade depending on the existing colors of your home.

An Interesting Spin on the Traditional Tudor-Style

With its high-pitched roof and timber façades, your Tudor-style home is already a show-stopper. Narrow metal roofing panels complement the intricate facades without altering the overall style of your home. Adding a metal element to a wood, concrete or brick exterior creates more visual interest. A dark or light-colored roof will suit this beautiful manor home.

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Spring Cleaning is for Gutters, Too

One of the busiest times for GutterShutter factory authorized dealers is the spring, when homeowners realize just how much debris has blown into their standard gutters. Winters are harsh on roofs and gutters, and for many homeowners, spring cleaning also means getting the leaves, branches, twigs and other debris out of their gutters.

That doesn’t happen with GutterShutter homeowners! If you have the GutterShutter leaf and debris protection system, you can eliminate gutter cleaning from your spring chore list – your gutters are going to perform great when the spring rains come along!

If you don’t have the GutterShutter system, now is the perfect time to contact a local dealer and get a new quality, dependable and award-winning gutter system for your house. The GutterShutter system is a complete replacement gutter system, that is guaranteed to never pull away from your home and simply does not clog! When April showers arrive, you won’t have to climb that dangerous ladder to clean out your gutters – you can enjoy the sounds of the rain, without worrying about the pain and hassle of keeping gutters clean!

In addition, the GutterShutter system protects your investment in your home, improves curb appeal with its great crown-molding look, and real estate agents tell us a quality gutter protection system is a real plus when selling your home.

Make this the year you say “no” to gutter cleaning and yes to the confidence and safety of the GutterShutter system. Contact your nearest dealer today for a FREE estimate.


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The Importance of Keeping Gutters Clean and How K-Guard Can Help

It is awfully easy to forget about your home’s gutters. After all, these pathways are out of sight so they tend to be out of mind until something goes wrong. If you neglect your gutters long enough they will eventually clog, creating the potential for leaks and other problems that can exhaust your time, patience and money.

Why Clean Gutters are So Important

Maintaining clean gutters is important throughout the year because when the unexpected storm arrives you can bask in the comfort of knowing your home is protected and will not require expensive repairs. Strong winds can blow leaves, tree limbs, litter, and other debris onto the roof, clogging the gutters. Furthermore, snow and ice can accumulate in gutters to the point that water cannot pass through to the downspout and reach the ground. Such a clog will cause the water to pool, putting the gutter’s integrity at risk and jeopardizing the well-being of your home structures and landscaping below.  

A broken gutter or an otherwise-compromised roof stemming from gutter neglect can consume your money and time. A clogged gutter may cause water to pool, become that much heavier and create a mess along the perimeter of your roof. Also, an ill-equipped gutter system requires the attention of a repair specialist. This specialist’s time will cost you money, even if the repair project is minor. Furthermore, new gutters cost money. You have better things to do with your time than get quotes for gutter inspections and repairs. It is possible to avoid this scenario by being proactive and adding the K-Guard system to your home.

Prevent Ice Dam Nightmares

If you have not had an ice dam form in your gutters, you have had good fortune.  It is only a matter of time until unprotected gutters end up with an ice dam. If anything clogs the gutters, be it twigs, leaves or another form of interference, water will become trapped within the gutters.  In the winter months, this water can freeze, creating an ice dam. The gutters might even begin to sag as the trapped ice and debris continues to accumulate and increase in weight. The worst case scenario is a gutter falling on a person or vehicle.  

Opt for K-Guard and you won’t have to worry about ice dams.  K-Guard stops clogs from forming to start with, ensuring ice does not have a chance to collect and threaten the integrity of your gutters and roof.  This way, you won’t have to reach out to the ice dam specialists to perform an emergency clearing. Take a moment to consider all of the money, time and frustration you will save by preventing the formation of ice dams in the first place.   

K-Guard to the Rescue

The K-Guard system is designed to prevent leaves from finding their way into your home’s gutters.  This is the protection your home needs to retain its structural integrity and curb appeal. Here’s how the system works: K-Guard is made of four primary components: the K-Guard hangers, the gutter, the hood, and downspouts. Water moves right along the hood’s curve, traveling to the gutter. Leaves and other debris are blocked off from entering. The gutters are a spacious 5-inches, ensuring they can handle more rainwater and other sources of moisture than other supposed leaf-prevention gutter guard solutions.

Let K-Guard Do the Work for You

The K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System is also appealing because it is a safe means of gutter and home protection.  There is no reason for you to risk injury attempting to clean out gutters. The K-Guard system prevents leaves from building up in the gutters in the first place so no one has to climb on a ladder in an attempt to clean out these cramped pathways.  

Put your faith in K-Guard and you won’t be disappointed.  K-Guard is comprised of heavy-duty aluminum that will not corrode even with ongoing inclement weather.  The system is centered on the unique K-Guard hangers. These high-strength hangers are built with all-weather polymers positioned every two feet within the gutter.  These polymers support the hood, ensuring the gutter retains its form and functionality so water does not compromise your living or working space.

K-Guard downspouts are intentionally over-sized at three inches by four inches to allow water to flush out along with any other rubble that infiltrated the system.  The end result of the K-guard system is a robust line of defense against leaves, debris and other threats to your home’s structure, siding and the roof. Even if you add the K-Guard system, you should still clear out your gutters at the start of the fall and winter.  Don’t forget to give your home’s gutters a thorough clean after the winter ends just to make sure any debris that accumulated doesn’t pose a threat as we transition to the spring.

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Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Gutters

The gutters on your home can last for decades with good maintenance. When you begin to notice that your gutters are sagging, or the water coming off your roof isn’t draining, it’s time to have your gutters inspected. You may be able to have certain parts of your gutters repaired without upgrading your whole system. When your gutter system is no longer functional or has many areas of rust, you probably need a system upgrade.

There Is Rust In Your Gutters

If your gutters are made of galvanized steel and you can see rust, it’s time for a gutter upgrade. Rusty gutters are going to crack and not drain water away from your home as they should. Rust means that your gutters are deteriorating and you should invest in an upgrade.

Check For Leaks In the Rain

The best time to inspect your gutters is when it is raining outside. You check for leaks when it is raining, and look for areas where water is pooling up. If you find areas of water in your gutters that have pooled up, you may need to have your gutters graded again. While gutters can last 20 to 40 years, good maintenance is still necessary to allow your gutters to work efficiently. When your gutters leak, it’s important to identify why to determine if your gutters can be fixed or need to be replaced.

Have Your Gutters Inspected

When you find signs that your gutters are not working well, have your gutters thoroughly inspected. The problem could be an easy fix, or you could need to have your gutters replaced. If your gutters are clogged, a good cleaning can take care of the problem. If you have large areas of your gutters that are pulling away from the home, leaking or cracked, it is probably time for a complete replacement of your system. Your gutter system has a big job and should be checked once or twice a year to make sure it is working effectively.

Contact Weatherguard Gutters for Gutter Replacement Services

Weatherguard Gutters is ready to provide you with an estimate for new gutters on your home in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Contact us today to learn why we have been providing services to homeowners in the area for more than 25 years.

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4 Ways To Deal With Ice and Snow In Your Gutters

Winter weather has the potential to do a lot of serious damage to your gutters. Making sure your gutters are prepared for winter is the first step, but there are also steps that can be taken in the winter to help protect and prevent damage from the winter conditions to your gutters.

  1. Roof Rake

One of the best ways to clear the snow off your roof is a roof rake. This also helps to clear the large amounts of snow and ice from your gutters. Ice dams that form in your gutters can cause serious damage to your gutters and block the flow of water, but raking your roof after every snowstorm can prevent these. A roof rake is efficient at removing the snow and ice from your roof without causing any damage to your gutters or roof.

  1. Install Heated Gutter Cables

Installing heated gutter cables on your roof is also a good option. This can be strung along the top of your gutter. This cable will work to melt the snow so that water can flow through your gutters easily. This helps to eliminate the chance of ice dams and snow build up around your gutter.

  1. Improve Attic Insulation

The warm air from your attic seeps out onto the roof and causing the snow and ice to melt in the gutters where it often refreezes and causing ice dams and other problems. So the best way to prevent this is to keep your roof cold in the winter. The best way to do this is to make sure that your attic is well insulated in the space directly under the roof and that the space has adequate ventilation.

  1. Hire Professionals

Sometimes storms hit our homes harder than we expected and we are at a loss for what to do. If your gutters are full of ice dams and in bad shape let a professional help you out. A professional gutter company can help to get your gutters back up and going better than before.

Taking care of your gutters in the winter can be a very challenging task when snow and ice come into the mix, but don’t let the winter weather ruin your gutters. Companies like The Gutter Pros have hired professionals that will come and prepare your gutters before a winter storm or come after to help fix your gutters.
Call The Gutter Pros today at 443-880- 4831.  

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Rain Chains Offer an Attractive Alternative to Downspouts

Rain Chains

Downspouts are essential components of most gutter systems that are designed to transport rainwater a safe distance from a home’s foundation. If you’re not enamored with the appearance of traditional downspouts, however, you might consider another option that’s become popular with many homeowners in recent years.

Rain chains, which are attached to gutters in the same fashion as downspouts, use a simple series of chain links and cups to gradually guide rainwater toward the ground.

Rain chains originated on homes in Japan, but they have since been widely adopted by homeowners in the U.S. as well. These days, you can find rain chains at your local hardware store in a variety of attractive styles and configurations. This makes them ideal for people who want to have a gutter system that is every bit as attractive as it is functional. Just choose a set of rain chains that best suits your home’s aesthetic, and you can turn a rainy day into a peaceful spectacle to enjoy from a window or front porch.

Rain chains are also ideal for homes with rainwater collection systems.

By positioning your rain collection bins beneath the rain chains, and you can maintain an eco-friendly supply of water to use in your lawn and garden all year round. You can even use a vase or other decorative vessel that matches the appearance of your rain chains to capture and store rainwater.

Interested in learning more about gutter installations, rainwater collection or any of the other products and services we offer at Bell Seamless Gutters? Feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number or contact us online today!

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