7 Ways a Proper Gutter System Will Save You Money on Your Home

7 Ways a Proper Gutter System Will Save You Money on Your Home

When most homeowners think about gutters, what comes to mind are big, fat dollar signs. Even if they know the importance of having a gutter system, they still see it as a major expense.

While you do need to shell out a bit of money to install a new system or repair an old one, in the long run, having gutters on your home will end up saving you money. Here are seven ways Tacoma Gutter Service is helping people protect their home and, ultimately, save money.


1. Foundation repair

Any home owner who has had to repair their foundation will tell you it costs a pretty penny—as much as $40,000 in some cases! If water pools near your home’s exterior and seeps into your foundation, it can cause your foundation to crack, buckle, or even shift. Having a functioning gutter system can save you from needing to worry about this. Gutters are created to divert rainwater away from your home’s foundation to keep it dry.

Average savings: $6,000


2. Flooding

If runoff water collects near the base of your home, there’s a large chance that it’ll find its way into your basement, garage, or other interior spaces. The cost of pumping out just an inch of clean water can start at $1,500, but will increase depending on the size of the room. And that doesn’t even take into consideration furniture or appliance replacement. A gutter system will keep rainwater away from your home entirely, helping you avoid flooding altogether.

Average savings: $1,500


3. Mold and mildew

Even if you’re not seeing flooding in your home, that doesn’t mean water isn’t still finding its way in. If your exterior collects too much moisture, it can lead to toxic mold and mildew. The longer these substances sit in your home, the more harmful it is to your family, and the costlier it ends up being to eradicate. Rain gutters prevent this health hazard from ever happening by directing water away from your home and keeping your walls dry.

Average savings: $3,000


4. Landscape erosion

Of course, your garden needs water, but too much can wash your hard work away. Your beautiful landscape can completely erode after just one storm. Gutters are useful in that not only do they route water away from your home, but you can set them up to keep water away from your garden as well. If you pay for a landscaping service or design, then you know it can be costly to have to redo your yard; a gutter system will save you that bill.

Average savings: $3,000


5. Water bills

Another way to save money on your landscaping is by incorporating rain barrels into your gutter system. With these, your gutters direct rain water into large barrels, so the water can be stored and used when the weather is drier. We have clients who use this water to irrigate their gardens and water their lawns; some even use it to flush their toilets!

Average savings: $5/month


6. Exterior damage

Without a gutter system, rain water would roll off your roof and fall along your home’s exterior. This could lead to rotting fascia and siding, and cause your paint to peel or chip. The only way to fix this problem is replacing your exterior, which can often be costly.

Average savings: $750


7. Insects and pests

Bugs like mosquitoes and termites are attracted to standing water. Moving any pools of water away from your home, through a gutter system, keeps insects and mice away. The cost of getting rid of these pests depends on whether companies are treating the interior or exterior of your house. Termite treatment can run around $1,500, plus the cost of repair for structural damage; while mice control costs between $150 and $500.

Average savings: $300


For reliable gutter services, you can count on Tacoma Gutter Service. Whether you need repairs or installation, our qualified team of experts can keep your home safe from costly damage. Visit us online or call us at (253) 927-7111 for your free estimation.

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