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The Pros & Cons of Using Gutter Vacuums for Cleaning

Many homeowners vouch for the effectiveness and efficiency of gutter vacuums. They’re even available in retail stores. However, like other cleaning equipment, gutter vacuums have their pros and cons. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages in this post.

Gutter Vacuums for Cleaning

Gutter vacuums work by sucking up debris from the gutters. The vacuum is fitted with a hose that is connected to the gutter on one end and the vacuum on the other end. When the vacuum is turned on, it sucks out debris from the gutters and leaves them clean. A gas or electric motor usually powers these vacuums.

Pros of Gutter Vacuums

  • No Climbing Necessary 

A ladder isn’t necessary to use a gutter vacuum. This makes the equipment a safe choice for homeowners who want to DIY gutter cleaning.

  • Precise & Effective

Most retail-grade gutter vacuums can effectively remove dirt from gutters. Their arched neck enables maximum cleaning, especially when the machine comes with good horsepower.

  • Quick &  Easy

High-quality gutter vacuums are good for quick cleaning and are user-friendly. 

Cons of Gutter Vacuums

  • Can’t Clean Excessive Dirt

A retail-grade gutter vacuum may not be able to clean stubborn dirt buildup or leaf and twig deposits. It’s best to have gutter covers installed to prevent excessive dirt and debris in your gutter system.

  • May Underperform 

Gutter cleaning specialists use industrial-grade gutter vacuums to clear out gutters efficiently. Retail-grade vacuums aren’t as powerful as the equipment used by professionals, so they may underperform and suffer damage from excessive amounts of twigs and other debris.

  • Can’t Clean What Is Not Seen

Gutter vacuums make your system easy to clean without using a ladder. However, you can’t clean what you can’t see. That’s why you may still be tempted to use a ladder to ensure you got all the dirt and debris.

Gutter guards can reduce the amount of debris that gets inside your gutter system, minimizing the hassle of gutter cleaning and the risk of clogging. Get high-quality gutter guards from Gutter Helmet today. Call (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form for inquiries.

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How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home

Pressure washing is an integral component of home maintenance. Besides getting rid of accumulated dirt, grime, mold, and other contaminants, pressure washing services in Warner Robins, GA, help improve curb appeal and increase property value. But how often should you pressure wash your home?

There is no definitive rule on how often you should pressure wash your property. It depends on several factors, including the weather conditions and the level of dirt on your home. You will usually need to use your judgment.

Here are a few factors that will determine when to call a professional pressure washer.

Annual maintenance

Depending on your location, you can schedule annual pressure cleaning services for your garage, driveway, patio, deck, sidewalk, or other exterior surfaces of your home. Annual pressure washing helps keep the exterior of your home clean and attractive. It also helps eliminate mold, mildew, grime, grease, and other contaminants accumulated on your outdoor surfaces.

When You Want to Improve Your Property’s Appearance

Do you feel that your home isn’t looking the best? Maybe you have received a warning from your Homeowners’ Association (HOA) about your neglected property? Or do you want to create a powerful first impression on your visitors?

Professional pressure washing and deep cleaning by a reputable company will restore your property to its original beauty. Besides maintaining its visual appeal, taking care of your home’s exterior shows that you genuinely care about your property.

During Rainy or Hot and Humid Weather

Another time you should call for pressure washing services in Warner Robins, GA, is during  rainy or hot and humid weather. Rain often comes with dirt that makes your home look dull.

Similarly, hot and humid conditions can promote mildew and mold growth on your home’s exterior. Don’t hesitate to schedule professional power washing when you notice mold or mildew growth signs on your house.

When You Want to Sell Your Home

Pressure washing your home’s exterior is essential before putting the property up for sale. Dirty and neglected properties often turn off potential buyers.

Power washing will restore the exterior surfaces by eliminating the dark shade resulting from excessive dirt. It will also brighten paint, brick, and vinyl siding colors.

When You Want to Paint or Refinish Surfaces

If you want to refinish, resurface, or paint your home’s exterior, pressure washing is a quick and cost-effective way to ensure the surface is ready for a new look. Removing the dirt, grime, and other built-up contaminants ensures you have a clean, smooth surface for the fresh coat of paint.

In addition, if you want to re-stain your deck or refinish your pool, pressure washing ensures the new coatings adhere properly to the surfaces.

Final Thoughts

How often you pressure wash your home will depend on your location, weather conditions, and personal preferences. Propel Pressure Cleaning is the go-to company if you need reliable pressure washing services in Warner Robins, GA.

We are a family-owned and operated company, and you can trust us to do an excellent job cleaning your driveway, sidings, decks, and other exterior areas of your home. Call us today at 478-335-5375 for a free quote.

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Top Reasons to Avoid Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gutter guards are affordable and easily purchased at your local hardware store. While these gutter guards may perform well during the first few months, you won’t see the same level of performance as time passes. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of gutter sponges deteriorates after two years, on average.

 Gutter Guards

If you’re thinking of getting foam gutter guards this year, we urge you to reconsider due to the following reasons. 

Pollen Buildup

Traditional PVC or stainless steel gutters are often filled with pollen during springtime. Foam guards exacerbate this problem because pollen tends to clog the foam’s pores and impede water flow, trapping water in the gutter and making it spill over siding and walls.

Dirt & Seed Trapping

Foam gutter guards can trap debris and seeds, accelerating the formation of clogs. In addition, foam guards are challenging to clean because they naturally expand and contract. Using brushes to attempt to remove dirt and debris can damage the foam gutter material.

Short Lifespan

Foam gutter guards are lightweight and need no additional structural support, making their installation easy. However, this type of gutter protection can only last for two to three years. If regularly maintained and cleaned, foam gutter guards can last for five years.


Foam materials eventually break down or suffer damage. Additionally, mold can infiltrate poorly manufactured foam gutter guards, causing them to rot from the inside and clog the gutter system with loose particulates.

Mold Growth

The moisture-trapping nature of gutter sponges encourages mold growth. Fungi and molds grow on the sponges. Later on, they will release spores and potentially spread in your indoor spaces too.

Don’t settle for poor gutter guard performance. Get advanced, long-lasting and effective gutter protection from Gutter Helmet®. Call us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation with our team.

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Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Extreme Weather

Unpredictable weather can cause damage to your roof and home if you don’t maintain your property on a regular basis. For instance, heavy rains can weigh down weakly attached gutter systems and spill water over your siding, landscaping and foundation, causing more extensive damage. The harsh conditions during a strong windstorm or tropical storm can also have a significant impact on your home if it doesn’t have the necessary layers of protection.

Prepare Your Home Against Extreme Weather

To ensure your home is adequately protected against extreme weather, here are a few simple things you should do regularly.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Working

Your gutter system is designed to divert water away from your home, keeping your basement, siding, roofing and other components safe from moisture-related damage. If your gutters are clogged or leaking, rainwater or snowmelt can run over your exterior and end up pooling on your lawn or flooding the basement. Make sure your gutters are regularly cleaned to prevent debris buildup and clogging. 

Remove Standing Rainwater 

If you have low-slope roofing, rainwater might not drain easily, causing pooling on your roof. Regularly clean and inspect your roof so that debris won’t accumulate on the surface and block the flow of water. Additionally, make sure your gutters are properly functioning so that water runoff from your roof will flow through the gutters and drain at an appropriate distance from your home.

Properly Maintain Your Siding

Your siding offers crucial protection against moisture and wind, so you have to keep it in good condition. If you notice holes, cracks or rot, call a trusted contractor immediately. Have them inspect your siding so that the cause of the damage can be identified and addressed. Consider installing gutter covers to protect your gutter system from dirt and debris. Gutter guards will prevent debris buildup in your gutter system, helping you avoid gutter clogging and leaks, which could damage your siding.

Protect your gutter system with superior-quality gutter covers from Gutter Helmet. Call us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out this contact form to get a free quote and learn more about our products.

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Healthy Gutters, Happy Foundation

Gutters are great. It’s a fact that you likely know, but it’s good to reiterate the very special purpose of gutters. They are perched up on the roof, so it seems like they wouldn’t have much of an impact on the lower half of your home or business, but they serve as your foundation’s primary line of defense against the elements. Keeping your gutters healthy and ready to face precipitation, wind…


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